Ввиду специфики ямайской музыкальной индустрии, перечислить местные синглы и сборники невозможно – их сотни. После прихода к «Уэйлерз» мировой известности все местные кустарные студии выпустили свои альбомы, собрав старые синглы – их тоже не счесть. Классическим считается список дисков, вышедших на студии "Айленд" и получивших мировую известность (при этом все они параллельно выходили в оригинальном, не адаптированном к восприятию западной аудитории звучании, на Ямайке на студии "Тафф Гонг" ) И выставлять в разделе все диски вышедшие после смерти Боба Марли просто не имеет смыла, так как трэки на них постоянно повторялись, а менялись только обложки.

In The Beginning (1984)

Soul Shakedown Party, Adam And Eve, Brand New Second Hand, Cheer Up, This Train, Jah Is Mighty,
Caution, Thank You Lord, Keep On Skanking, Wisdom, Stop The Train, Mr. Chatterbox,
Turn Me Loose.

Never Ending Wailers (1993)

I'm Still Wailing, Dutch Pot, Hammer, Rescue Me, Hurts To Be Alone, Together Again, Music Lesson,
Nice Time, How Many Times, Coolie Plum Tree.

One Love At Studio One (1991)

This Train, Simmer Down, I Am Going Home, Do You Remember, Mr. Talkative, Habits, Amen, Go Jimmy Go,
Teenager In Love, I Need You, It Hurts To Be Alone, True Confession, Lonsome Feeling, There She Goes,
Diamond Baby, Playboy, Where's The Girl For Me, Hooligan, One Love, Love And Affection, And I Love Her,
Rude Boy, I'm Still Waiting, Ska Jerk, Somewhere To Lay My Head, Wages Of Love Rehearsal, Wages Of Love,
I'm Gonna Put It On, Cry To Me, Jailhouse, Sinner Man, Who Feels It Knows It, Let Him Go, When The Well Runs Dry,
Can't You See, What Am I Supposed To Do, Rolling Stone, Bend Down Low, Freedom Time, Rocking Steady.


Destiny (1999)

Destiny, Wages Of Love, Do You Feel The Same Way Too, Your Love, Don't Ever Leave Me (take 1),
Don't Ever Leave Me (take 2), I Need You So, Rock Sweet Rock, Another Dance, I Stand Predominant, 
Where Is My Mother (acoustic version), Where Is My Mother (band take), Dance With Me, What's New Pussycat,
Treat Me Good, Jerking Time, Do It Right, Let The Lord Be Seen In You, White Christmas.

Wailers And Friends

I've Got To Go Back Home (Bob Andy and the Wailers), Jerk All Night (Delroy Wilson and the Wailers), 
That Ain't Right (Rita Marley & the Soulettes with the Wailers), The Train Is Coming (Ken Boothe and the Wailers),
Oh My Darling (Bob Marley and Marcia Griffiths), One More Chance (Rita Marley & the Soulettes with the Wailers),
Tell Them Lord (Bob Marley and the Wailers), Where's Sammy Gone (Lord Bryner and the Wailers), Ice Water (Jack Sparrow and the Wailers),
Friends and Lovers (Rita Marley & the Souletttes with the Wailers), Rude Boy (Bob Marley and the Wailers), 
Pussy Galore (Lee Perry and the Wailers), Bless You (Bunny Livingston and Rita Marley), A Time To Cry (Jackie Opel and the Wailers),
A Deh Pon Dem (Rita Marley & The Soulettes with the Wailers), I Want Justice (Delroy Wilson and the Wailers), The Mill Man (Jackie Opel and the Wailers),
Don't Cry Over Me (Joanne Dennis and the Wailers),

Climb The Ladder (2000)

Dancing Shoes, Put It On, Lonsome Track, Climb The Ladder, Love Won't Be Mine This Way, Dreamland,
Lemon Tree, Nobody Knows, Wings Of A Dove, Sinner Man, Ten Commandments Of Love,
Sunday Morning, I Made A Mistake, I Don't Need Your Love, Donna, The Jerk, Just In Time.

Natural Mistyc (The Legend Lives On) (1995)

Natural Mystic, Easy Skanking, Iron Lion Zion, Crazy Baldhead, So Much Trouble In The World, War,
Africa Unite, Trenchtown Rock (live), Keep On Moving, Sun Is Shining, Who The Cap Fit, One Drop,
Roots Rock Reggae, Pimper's Paradise, Time Will Tell.


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